Garbage & Recycling

The Village of LeRoy contracts with Waste Management for solid waste collection and recycling. (However, homeowners have the option to contract directly with Waste Management or another company, if they choose.)

  • Regular pick up occurs weekly on Wednesday. Garbage and recycling are picked up by separate trucks and there may be a delay in between.
  • Place garbage and recycling out by the curb, in front of your house, Tuesday evening or early Wednesday morning.
  • When a holiday occurs during the week, pickup may be delayed one day. On their website, Waste Mng. lists these holidays: New Years' Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Garbage in the Village will be delayed a day for these holidays. If the holiday falls on a weekend, they don't delay a day. You may also check the WM Holiday Schedule:
  • For more details about privately contracted rates, info is available on Waste Management’s website


  • 1 blue garbage tag covers one 30 gallon regular garbage bag.
  • Blue garbage tags are available for purchase at TOPS Market, Save A Lot, and Crocker’s ACE Hardware Store in LeRoy.
  • Blue garbage tags are $1.75 each.


  • Large Item Stickers are available for purchase at Village Hall.
  • Orange Sticker - $5.00 each – Covers large items such as: Furniture, mattress, box spring, light weight exercise equipment, toilet, etc. Rugs up to 9' X 12' can be rolled up and get one orange sticker (Wall-to-wall carpeting can be cut into 9' X 12' sections.) If there's a pad underneath, that needs to be rolled up separately with its own orange sticker. 
  • White Sticker - $10.00 each – Covers appliances such as: Stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher.
  • Purple Sticker - $20.00 each – Large items containing Freon: Refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, dehumidifier.

*Items with orange stickers can be placed curb-side for pick up on the regular garbage day.*

* The Department of Public Works is responsible for picking up items with white and purple stickers. This will require coordination between the resident and DPW.*

* Items not covered by any sticker include: TVs (Flat Screen and Tube), computers, VCRs, DVD players, construction material, car parts, and tires. For a local solution for discarding/recycling these items, please call the Town of LeRoy Clerk's Office 585-768-6910 regarding the Transfer Station Rules.*


  • Recyclable Items can be placed in a designated recycling container.
  • Recycling containers are available at Village Hall for $4.00 for Village residents only.