The responsibility of the Village of LeRoy Mayor is to serve all citizens and business owners fairly and openly. A commitment to applying these principles in the most professional and timely manner possible is key in guiding our community through continued growth and success.

Term of Office is four (4) years.
Current term is 2024-2028
Next Election: March 2028 
Mayor Greg "Porp" Rogers
Appointed in 1994 to Trustee.
Elected in 2004, appointed Deputy Mayor 2006.
Elected Trustee in 2008, appointed Deputy Mayor 2010.
Elected Mayor 2012, 2016, 2020, 2024.

Lives on Lincoln with wife Jody and has 3 children, Angela Cain, Stacie Wilson and Mike Rogers. Has 6 grandchildren.


Contact Info

Gregory Rogers
3 West Main St.