Yard Waste

Leaves, Grass Clippings, and Twigs:

  • May 1 to September 30 - Put in yard waste bags at the curb and Waste Management will pick up on collection day (Wednesday).
  • October 1 to April 30 - Rake to the curb and Village DPW will pick up.

Brush, Branches, and Trimming:

  • Must be cut into 5 foot lengths, bundled with twine, and put at the curb.


  • The Village is responsible for trees located in the terrace, between the sidewalk and the street. During Summer, the DPW goes street to street, trimming trees as needed. 
  • Occasionally, the electric company trims trees that interfere with electrical lines. Usually, they send a letter to the homeowner before this occurs. 
  • If a homeowner hires a company to cut down a tree on their property, they must also have it removed, not placed at the curb.

Burning of Yard Waste Materials

  • Open burning of leaves, branches, etc., is prohibited by the Village Code.