Garbage & Recycling FAQs

What items do not go in the GARBAGE OR RECYCLING?

The following list of hazardous household waste items should not be treated like everyday garbage. Do not put in your garbage bags or recycling boxes:

Aerosol cans
Automotive products such as old fuel, anti-freeze, brake fluid, motor oil and oil filters
Dead animals
Fluorescent light bulbs
Garden products including pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers
Household cleaners with ammonia or bleach
Paint and paint cans, stain, varnish, thinner and adhesives
Propane tanks and fire extinguishers
Pool or photographic chemicals
Thermostats, thermometers and other items containing mercury
Medications/sharps -  secure drop-off boxes are located inside the Village Hall side door
Ammunition/firearms - contact LeRoy Police Dept. for disposal of these items 
For information on the GLOW household hazardous waste collection in Batavia (usually collection is by appointment in the Summer): 
GLOW Region Solid Waste Management Committee
Genesee County Bldg. 2
3837 W. Main St. Rd.
Batavia, NY  14020-9404
Recycling Hotline: 800/836-1154
Phone: 585/815-7906

What items can I put into the GARBAGE?

In addition to everyday garbage, the following items may be placed in garbage bags: 

Disposable razors
Cactus and palm branches
Cat litter and pet feces
Glassware and ceramic dishes/cups
Hoses and wire
Juice boxes/pouches
Non-fluorescent light bulbs
Plastic bags (these can sometimes be returned to grocery stores)
Foam cups or packing materials

What items and materials are recyclable?

Generally, the items below can be placed in your curbside recycling containers. These items should be clean and loose — remove from any additional packaging and do not bag them:

All plastics #1-7 (except foam cups or packing materials)
Aluminum foil products (cans, baking tins and foil)
Paper bags
Clean paper
Glass containers
Scrap metal (cookie sheets, utensils)

For more information: